Bread Heads was an idea I had after being involved in crypto art since early 2017, I have (currently paused) a crypto apparel store I started almost immediately after getting into crypto and was always proud about accepting small coins, I used to have a phrase "I put shirts on shitcoiners backs" lol, I was the first to accept many coins that don't exist and a few that still do, ARRR and XHV for example. Then came the NFT rush, I had fun making 1 of 1's but really wanted to do a series! I just had no idea how to do generative art work and was worried I would be too late if I tried to take the time to learn how to do all the coding and work for this, But I couldn't let that stop me... What could I do?


After I had gotten out of the Army I wanted to switch it up, I had kind of skipped out on being a shit head 18 year old so I decided to go to culinary school using the GI bill, there one day for whatever reason I dressed up a baguette with a cigaratte and a beanie, maybe out of boredom, I can't remember, but whilst thinking of an idea for a series that baguette popped in my mind.

 I knew I was decent at photography (I had a few submissions that made it to national geographic check out my personal series here) and I knew that even though it would be a ton of work it was something I COULD do, THIS would be my break. Initially I called it frenchie (my 2 year old daughter still calls them frenchies haha) and I KNEW I was doing something different and i just KNEW if i worked hard and did it right it would sell out. I'm not sure my friends were as assured as me but I started plugging away.

In the event that I die

 I ordered about $300 dollars worth of doll accessories, bought a small green screen and set up my living room to get to work. Mind you I work full-time and co-parent, so after 7:30 when I put my daughter down, I would get to work until about 1-2, wake up, take daughter to daycare, and go to work as a mechanic. This was like this on repeat for a couple of months, but what did i care? THIS WAS MY TICKET, and it was fun, something different. I love the crypto world and the people in it and I want to leave my own little footprint on it. 


Now as confident as we all get, sometimes there is a bit of doubt, through my earlier years of supporting all kinds of coins I befriended, who has undoubtebdly been one of my favorite people and a big supporter of my work, Not So Fast. I sent him a message about what I was doing and showed him a photo of a bread prototype.. If I had the Legend laughing I knew I had something, Sure enough my man loved it! 


This gave me the boost I needed to keep plugging away long hours of green screen removals and editing. I contacted another old friend turing labs, whom I met after accepting his coin, and asked if he could help be my dev on the project, and he accepted! 


Fast forward to our mint night and we sold out by word of mouth by the morning. The first series was only 500 but it really meant the world to be able to sell it out. Now it's time to turn Bread Heads into a brand!