Preserve & protect everything that makes the Commonwealth an exceptional web3 community

Recognize member achievements, celebrate victories

Seek knowledge to continuously develop ourselves and members of our community

Avoid allowing peer pressure to overwhelm reason

Sacred Commonwealth


Respect and honor each of our members

Discourage dishonesty and intimidation

Avoid controversy

Uphold and promote our values to the web3 community at large

Hallowed Actions


Practice and encourage active participation in our community.

Inspire the success of others on the path to securing our own.

Cultivate and foster noble behavior.

Discourage exploitation of others for individual benefit .

Royal Leadership


Safeguard our discussions from ignorance, prejudice or unsavory remarks about the Commonwealth, its members and the web3 community at large.

Avoid rumor and innuendo aimed at manipulating or dividing our community.

Practice patience and understanding in times of conflict or duress.

Seek to respond, rather than react.

Enlightened Communication


Encourage intelligent risk taking with solid exit strategies.

Observe and identify warning signs of scams / rugs.

Utilize cold storage to protect digital assets.

Practice high security standards to prevent hacks and safeguard our community.

Champion Prosperity

Sticky Item

Over half a decade of research has found flow to be highly correlated with measures of performance. From creativity, decision-making and information processing to skill acquisition, collaboration and motivation.


Fierce, battle tested warriors, willing to lay down their life for the cause


Cunning and forlorn individuals who have no care for honor


Intellectual and progressive thinkers who place trust in the pen over the sword


Ostentatious individuals, governed by tradition, who enjoy the finer things in life


Outcasts who live by no rules and no formal association to any faction.