The First

Non-generative, handmade, photographed NFT series.

The Bread

Red Checker Bandana
Platinum Curly
School Uni Beret

The Art

Bread Heads is a physical art project that celebrates crypto culture. It consists of collectible tokens featuring the Bread Heads mascot, a whimsical and lovable character who has become an icon in the crypto space. The project was created through a combination of green screen editing, physical modeling, and custom minting, with help from Turing Labs. The first series sold out within hours of its launch, and the project continues to grow in both utility and popularity.

The Merch

A Community-Owned NFT.

Bread Heads is proud to offer a high quality line of merchandise and apparel for the community. All holders are eligible to receive free T-Shirts, and holders can pre-order hoodies and hats by redeeming $CRUMBS tokens, with the only additional cost being for shipping, paid for in $USDC.

Embroidered Champion Packable Jacket
Puchase on
Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt
Puchase on
Tie-dye beanie
Puchase on


A Community-Owned NFT.

The BreadBox DAO is a DAO organization hosted on Solana's native governance protocol, Realms. It is in the development stage of a voting system with multiple levels for the Bread Heads community. Currently, voting is restricted to team members and community-based voting tokens are yet to be distributed. For now, it serves as a treasury to show the project's assets and funds. View the full asset gallery here.

Real life minting

Let’s Get this Bread.

It is the belief of the Bread Heads team that the next big development in the Solana NFT ecosystem will be the onboarding of new users who are not currently familiar with the Web3 ecosystem and custodial wallets.

Bread Heads hopes help on-board new users to Solana and has already begun piloting an onboarding mechanism. QR codes have been generated that allow minting of special Bread Head event NFTs via the Crossmint Minting API. This allows for easy wallet creation and onboarding into the crypto ecosystem.

The Bread Heads team plans on expanding this minting mechanism to additional events and venues, including additional band performances and festivals. The team desires to be the primary project through which new users are on-boarded to the Solana ecosystem and become Web3 natives.


Jarmageddon is Near

Jarmageddon is a decentralized gaming protocol being actively developed by the Bread Head team. Fundamentally it can be described as a virtual pet built on blockchain technology. However, rather than only utilizing nostalgia for the Tamagotchis and Neopets from the 1990’s and 2000’s, it also includes concepts fundamental to the crypto ecosystem and Solana NFTs. Jarmageddon is designed to be dynamic and compatible with partnerships with other Solana projects. It also intends to serve as a source of income for the DAO beyond NFT royalties. The Bread Head community is fundamental to the project 8 and the DAO and team members shouldn’t be solely reliant on sales and flips to fund the project. Lastly, Jarmageddon is designed to be fun!